Friday, May 01, 2015

PRA Spring 2015 Newsletter– On Hold

I’m sad to report that our experiment to publish a PRA Newsletter every quarter appears to have failed.

We did the best we could to make it easy for PRA Members and other researchers to post their articles and/or material to any of our blogs, our Facebook page or Twitter account but this just hasn’t been successful.

We’ve only received a couple of articles for our Spring 2015 Newsletter and none of our Newsletter Team have been able to find the free time to help with the publishing.

So it is unfortunate that I report that the PRA Spring 2015 Newsletter publication has been placed on hold. 

In reality, it may be time to let the Newsletter die.  Just as we stopped publishing the Pedigrees, we probably need to stop publishing the newsletter for the simple reasons people don’t want to contribute and people don’t have the free time to work on it.

I have been in contact with our Board and we’re discussing this problem.  I expect we will soon have a vote to decide if we should continue publishing our Newsletter or not.

In the meantime, take a look at our newest attempt at social media on Flipboard Magazine.  The PRA has its own Flipboard Magazine you can read on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

To see our newest magazine, go to and search for “Pennington Research Association”.  You can view the articles we’ve “flipped” to share with you.  You can also follow our magazine on Flipboard.

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