Thursday, December 24, 2015

PRA Webinar PRA MyHeritage Part 1 - Basics 12-15-15 Now Available

A recording of our free webinar presented on 12/15/15 titled "PRA MyHeritage Part 1 - Basics 12-15-15" is now available on the PRA primary website at  Login and go to the “Members-only” section and then go to “Materials for members”.  You’ll find the information and link here.
Please note you can view this file directly in Box when you connect and then you can view it full screen OR you can download the file to your computer and view it with your own video software.  Viewing with your own video software from your computer will give you the best video picture.  Please note also this is a LARGE file and may take some time to download to your computer. 
Once you download the video file, you should be able to play it with any video software that can play mp4 video files.
Please note:  The webinar presented on 12/9/15 titled "PRA MyHeritage Part 1 - Basics - 12-9-15" will be uploaded as soon as I can work out some edit "bugs".

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