Monday, October 24, 2016

Call for Candidates for Board of Directors


Nominations for PRA Board of Directors are now open.

Three places will be filled this year and we encourage members who are interested in a position on the Board, to submit a biographical sketch and background of leadership, as described below, by November 12, 2016, to Darrell Pennington.

Candidates will be sent an e-ballot to members (or by mail) on November 14, 2016.  The Voting ends:  December 1, 2016, announcement of election results for the Board of Directors will be made on December 15, 2016.

All Board Members and Officers must be a current PRA Member.

The Board of Directors is required by our Articles of Corporation and Bylaws. The Board is charged with the management and oversight of the Corporation. Board Members have a fiduciary and legal responsibility to manage the Corporation according to current statutes.

The position is elected by PRA Members to a 3 year term of office. Each year 3 of our Board Members terms expire so we have a smooth transition each year. While there are no assigned tasks or jobs assigned to any Board Member, many of us do serve as an Officer or in some other volunteer position. We need our Board Members to take an active role helping the PRA meet our goals and objectives.

The position needs a Member who:

· Wants to be a contributing member of our team and is eager to help us succeed.

· Is computer "savvy" and has Internet access (preferably broadband/high speed connection).

· Is able to meet at least twice a year online (we use online meeting software).

o We are required by our bylaws to meet every other year but for financial reasons we've been holding our meetings online.

· Is able to communicate on a regular basis with other PRA Members to keep them informed and ask their opinions about the PRA.

· Is able to work with and communicate with other Board Members, Officers and other volunteers.

· Is willing to aggressively reach out to PRA Members and seek their input.

· Is willing to aggressively reach out to PRA Members and keep them informed of current PRA activities.

To learn more and to read/download the PRA's Bylaws and current policies/procedures, go to:

Scroll down and also see the volunteer page.

Submit nominations to:

Darrell Pennington

Or mail to: 3108 Lake Wesley Court

Warrenton, VA 20187